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This year Maya is a Buddy Walk Ambassador! Go Maya!

And our team name has made it to the back of the Buddy Walk t-shirt! Whoohoo!

Whether it's 3, 21 or 100's of dollars, every bit matters to the Down Syndrome Network. They do good work for our loved ones, like Maya.

Please consider donating to this non-profit.  
If you are in town, Register to Maya's Dream Team and receive a free Buddy Walk T-shirt!

Thank you from Maya's Dream Team!

Here's a little more about our journey with Buddy Walk and what the DSNetwork means to us:

We have been walking at the Buddy Walk since Maya was a baby.  Over time we have realized how important it is to walk and share with our community how proud we are of individuals like Maya. The enthusiasm that Maya shows about life is one of the most important lessons that she has given to our family and anyone who comes in contact with her. 

One of our favorite memories of the Buddy walk is when Maya was younger.  At the time she was quite averse to the loud noise at the Buddy Walk parade and was not interested in going.  As a way to distract her I brought candy so that she could throw at the crowd.  It was a hit!  Maya loved walking along side our team throwing candy into the audience.  When the candy was over (and it was over quickly because of her fast throws), she started giving high fives to everyone. The crowd was so receptive and open to her infectious smile.  Everyone who saw her coming wanted a high five and ended up with a huge smile on their face.  

DSNetwork has been an anchor for education, research and social interaction for Maya and our family. Maya enjoys meeting her buddy’s at social events and being welcomed and included for who she is, a girl wants to be a part of everything and anything.  We are very thankful to have the DSNetwork see potential in individuals like Maya.  They also support our family by bringing national speakers that help us advocate for our loved ones.

We know that this year the Buddy Walk will look a little different, but for us, it still remains an important event to share with our family and friends.  DSNetwork has been a life line for Maya through this pandemic. Her monthly meetings at the Teen/Tween social group via zoom, has been a way for us to keep connected to our little community.  Maya instantly gets her Teen/Tween shirt to wear it proudly on the days we meet. Through this adverse time, the DSNetwork staff and volunteers has really been thinking outside the box.  They have taken the zoom meetings a step further and have made it more engaging and tangible by delivering supplies for painting parties or joke books as a way that our loved ones can interact with each other.

 We are so thankful for the innovative thinking that this organization represents.



See millions of twinkling and dancing lights at the Phx Zoo!  For every $200 dollars we reaise, we will be able to bring up to 10 cars with us through the Zoo Lights.  
Drive through ZooLights

DSNetwork’s 18th Annual BUDDY WALK ARIZONA


ABOUT Buddy Walk 2020

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Join Buddy Walk® Arizona and support people with Down syndrome in our community. Your support of the Buddy Walk®, either by walking or by making a donation, will help honor and celebrate people with Down syndrome.

Name Date Amount Comments
Jaydeep Ghosh 11/28/2020 $25.00 With love and best wishes
Michelle Estrada 11/28/2020 $200.00 Dream Big Maya!
Bob Fabey 11/23/2020 $50.00 Many blessings to you Maya!
Jimmy Briseno 11/10/2020 $200.00 Go Maya Go !!!!!!!
Jennifer Spencer 11/07/2020 $45.00  
Kathryn Cohen 11/02/2020 $200.00  
Noel Schaus 11/01/2020 $.00  
Sam Alpert 10/29/2020 $100.00 In support of Maya!
Noel Schaus 10/25/2020 $50.00  
Elena Dupnik 10/19/2020 $21.00 Go Maya!
Monica Garcia 10/19/2020 $40.00 Woohoo Maya!!
Alpana Sharma 10/12/2020 $30.00 Danville team loves Maya
Amit Das 10/09/2020 $25.00 Best Wishes Maya
Callie Bubb 10/08/2020 $50.00  
Russ Dalton 10/08/2020 $50.00  
Amanda Zink 10/07/2020 $.00  
Gabriel Escontrias Jr 10/07/2020 $50.00  
Amanda Zink 10/07/2020 $50.00  
Kahkashan Shaukat 10/05/2020 $25.00  
David Petulla 08/10/2020 $25.00  
Susan Campbell 08/09/2020 $20.00 Hope you make loads of money! ❤️❤️❤️
Ron & Michelle Cook 08/08/2020 $20.00  
Jo Ann Briseno 08/07/2020 $400.00  
Jo Ann Briseno 08/01/2020 $.00  
  Total $1,676.00