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Hello Friends and Family,

Please help Ryder raise money for our team!!!

Your contribution will make an impact, whether you donate $5 or $500. Every little bit helps! 

Anyone filing AZ taxes: donations up to $800 (filing jointly) or $400 (filing single) get 100% back!

Please join our team and/or make a donation. This is an awesome organization that helps support individuals and families with a loved one that has Down syndrome.

Don't forget to register/join our team Downright Wild! We would love everyone to join us on Saturday, October 28th @ the ASU Homecoming Parade for this celebration! 

More info about the Walk:

More info on Sponsorship opportunities, if you have a business & want to help our Downright Wild Team:

Thank you to everyone for your love & support!

Love Always, The Temarantz Family

ABOUT Down Syndrome Walk AZ 2023

Find your walk team's name and support your team by making a charitable donation. 

100% of the proceeds fund the mission of DSNetwork to educate, advocate and support those touched by Down syndrome. 

Don't forget to register to walk with your team on Sat, Oct 28 in the ASU Homecoming parade and receive a free walk shirt, please click join my team button. 

Name Date Amount Comments
Crystal Kent 10/26/2023 $21.00  
Crystal Kent 10/25/2023 $.00  
Derek Sebade 10/24/2023 $.00  
Derek Sebade 10/24/2023 $5.00  
THERESA TEMARANTZ 10/23/2023 $.00  
Diana Johnson 10/23/2023 $.00  
THERESA TEMARANTZ 10/23/2023 $5.00  
Brent Brightwell 10/23/2023 $100.00  
Andrea Temarantz 10/22/2023 $.00  
Andrea Temarantz 10/22/2023 $.00  
Donna Jones 10/22/2023 $50.00  
Diane Guilfoyle Hart 10/20/2023 $.00  
Jennifer Hinman 10/20/2023 $50.00 Ryder, you continue to inspire and amaze us and we love having you in our lives!!! ❤️ - the Hinmans
Diane Guilfoyle Hart 10/20/2023 $40.00  
THERESA TEMARANTZ 10/19/2023 $.00  
THERESA TEMARANTZ 10/19/2023 $5.00  
Heather Wood 10/19/2023 $21.00 Have the best time Ryder!!!
Nina Coleman 10/18/2023 $.00  
Andrea Temarantz 10/18/2023 $.00  
Alison Johnson 10/18/2023 $.00  
Nina Coleman 10/18/2023 $20.00  
Alison Johnson 10/18/2023 $25.00  
Pat Hood 10/16/2023 $.00  
Pat Hood 10/16/2023 $100.00 You got this,Ryder and team!!! I will be cheering you on!!!
Janine Mohrmann 10/13/2023 $.00  
Marilyn Egli 10/11/2023 $21.00  
Angela Lucero 10/03/2023 $25.00 Love supporting Ryder and his family! They do so much for others always and am happy to give back. Thank you for advocating and sharing! ❤️
Briana Curran 10/02/2023 $35.00 I'm interested in the walk, but dont think it will be possible for me. If you do shirts let me know😁
Andrea Temarantz 08/10/2023 $.00  
  Total $523.00  
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