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Hello to All,

Please help Joaquin support the DSNetwork of AZ.

Join our team (Joaquin's Jedi) and walk with us at the ASU homecoming parade on Saturday, November 19. You can register for FREE by clicking the 'Join Our Team' pic below. Make sure you choose Joaquin's Jedi from drop down list on the bottom of the form.

You can also support us by make a donation on this page. 

Anyone filing AZ taxes: donations up to $800 (filing jointly) or $400 (filing single) get 100% back!

Thank you friends and familia for always loving and supporting Joaquin.

May the force be with you :)

Cesar, Angela, Ximena, & Joaquin

ABOUT Down Syndrome Walk AZ 2022

DSNetwork organizes an annual fundraising walk to benefit the vast array of services and programs for individuals with Down syndrome. 100% of the proceeds fund the mission of Down Syndrome Network to educate, advocate and support those touched by Down syndrome. In partnership with the ASU Homecoming parade, DSNetwork leads the parade with over 1500 individuals to show support and increase community awareness about Down syndrome. Please join us on Saturday, November 19. 

Name Date Amount Comments
Shira James 11/18/2022 $20.00 This is so awesome!! I wish I could join, but I’ll be there in spirit!
Angela Aguayo 11/18/2022 $250.00  
John Fraleigh 11/18/2022 $25.00 The force is strong with this one!
Kathryn Paine 11/17/2022 $.00  
Kathryn Paine 11/17/2022 $25.00  
Mike Funk 11/17/2022 $50.00  
Angela Aguayo 11/16/2022 $.00  
Karen Helley 11/14/2022 $.00  
Angela Aguayo 10/27/2022 $.00  
Jazmin Villegas 10/19/2022 $.00  
Angela Aguayo 04/26/2022 $.00  
  Total $370.00  
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