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ABOUT Down Syndrome Walk AZ 2022

DSNetwork organizes an annual fundraising walk to benefit the vast array of services and programs for individuals with Down syndrome. 100% of the proceeds fund the mission of Down Syndrome Network to educate, advocate and support those touched by Down syndrome. In partnership with the ASU Homecoming parade, DSNetwork leads the parade with over 1500 individuals to show support and increase community awareness about Down syndrome. Please join us on Saturday, November 19. 

Name Date Amount Comments
Crystal Kent 11/18/2022 $.00  
Jennifer Hinman 11/10/2022 $21.00 We love you Edward!!!
Brii Lark 10/30/2022 $.00  
Brii Lark 10/30/2022 $21.00  
Jennifer Marble 10/16/2022 $50.00 Edward, you are an inspiration to all of us!! We love you and your family tons!! ❤️
Anonymous Friend 10/13/2022 $21.00 Phebe thinks you are the bravest, toughest, stylish little dude EVER!
Crystal Kent 09/28/2022 $.00  
  Total $113.00  
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